I received a traffic citation and have no idea what to do. Help!

Unfortunately, the WCBA Traffic Safety Program can not offer legal advice or any advice that may be perceived as legal advice.

We can tell you all of the information you need to navigate this process can be found on the yellow sheet provided to at the time of your citation. If you didn't receive the yellow sheet or no longer have it, the Will County Circuit Clerk's (WCCC) website offers information on how to pay, plead guilty and sign up for traffic school. You can visit the WCCC website here. You can also call their office at 815-727-8592.

If in the end you are eligible for and choose to complete traffic safety school, please sign up on our website. Oh and by the way, we are allowed to answer any questions you may have about the traffic safety school!

Should I pay the ticket and apply for court supervision first or pay for traffic safety program first?

Once again, the WCBA Traffic Safety Program can not offer any legal advice. Having said that, we have found it benefits some of our registrants to pay the traffic citation (ticket) and apply for court supervision first and then pay for traffic safety program registration. All of the information you'll need to register for the course will be found on the receipt you receive from the Will County Circuit Clerk's Office. 

I know I'm supposed to enter a full case number, but I don't know what it is or where to find it. 

The full case number is the number used by the Will County Circuit Clerk's office to locate and update a specific court record. It includes the four digit year the traffic citation was received, a two letter case type (for example, 'TR' for a traffic charge) and a six digit case number. It is essential that you enter the correct, full case number when registering in order for your court record to be updated upon completion.

Your case number will be found on the receipt issued when you paid the ticket. It can also be found at the Will County Circuit Clerk's Public Access page. If for some reason it is not there, it's possible a case number has not yet been created for your traffic violation. If you have questions regarding the case number, please call the Will County Circuit Clerk's office at 815-727-8592.

What happens if I enter an incorrect or invalid case number?

If the case number is incorrect or invalid, the Will County Circuit Clerk will reject it. The WCBA Traffic Safety Program will correct the number, but it will take an additional seven business days for your court record to be updated. If you have a court date within that time frame, please bring a printed copy of your certificate of completion to court.

I registered for my class, but haven't received the registration email yet!

Unfortunately, receipt of the registration email varies wildly. We've found it can take as little as 30 seconds and up to 2.5 hours for a registrant to receive the registration email. If you're certain you've provided the correct email, please check your SPAM folder. If you have use a Gmail email address, please see the next question for more information.

If you've patiently (or impatiently) waited 2.5 hours, confirmed your email address, checked your SPAM folder and you still haven't received the registration email, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you!

I used my Gmail account to register and never received an email. I called your office and they told me to check my Gmail Promotion inbox for the email. I have no idea what it is or where it's located!

In some Gmail accounts incoming messages are categorized into three different inboxes- Primary, Social and Promotions. Unfortunately emails from the WCBA Traffic Safety Program often land in the Promotions inbox. Below you will see two images of Gmail accounts. Refer to the pictures to learn where these inboxes are located and how to open them. 

Gmail opened in a browser using a desktop computer:

Gmail account opened in a browser using a mobile phone:

My course is expired! I didn't know I could only use it for 45 days! How do I get an extension?

Access to the course is available for 45 days from the date of registration. This information is shared in no less than 4 places on our website and in the registration email.

If you didn't complete your course before it expired per our policy, many registrants are able to extend their course for an additional seven days for a fee of $25. Please call our office to determine if you are eligible and make the arrangements.

I have court today and just paid for the traffic safety class. That's good enough for the court, right? I don't really need to complete the class, do I?

Actually, in order to qualify for court supervision you must register for AND complete the traffic safety program in addition to any other requirements. The Will County Circuit Clerk will be notified and update your court record only after you have successfully completed the four hour Defensive Driving class.

I need information about on the status of the TSP of my spouse, partner, adult child, parent, friend, client, etc.

It is the policy of the Will County Bar Association Traffic Safety Program that we do not share personal information, including registration, with anyone other than our student. Once a course is complete, we will notify the Will County Circuit Clerk who may make course completion part of the public record.

Do you offer training in Spanish?

Yes! Our online class is available in Spanish. After paying you'll receive a registration email with information on how to begin the course. Be sure to select the Spanish language course.

In addition, our website can be translated to Spanish by clicking the Google 'Select Language' dropdown in the upper right corner of the screen.

I received a ticket in another county. Can I take a traffic safety class through the WCBA Traffic Safety Program to satisfy their requirements? 

The WCBA Traffic Safety Program is happy to allow those who have received citations in other counties to utilize our program. We suggest you get approval from the other county before paying for or completing our class.

If the other county agrees, please know it is your responsibility to provide them any necessary documentation needed. We suggest you print the Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing the traffic safety program class and use that as proof of your completion. 

My lawyer (or my parents, boss, etc.) has requested I complete the Defensive Driving class, but I'm confused by the eligibility statement on the registration page. 

We understand how the eligibility statement on our registration page may be confusing. This statement is included for people who are seeking court supervision for a traffic offense.

We welcome anyone who wishes to become a more aware driver to complete our classes. Having said that, if your lawyer (or parent, boss, etc.) tells you to take the class, do it today!!

The online class won't work on my computer. What should I do?

If you are experiencing any issues, please be sure you are using one of the following operating systems for optimal results:

Windows: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

Mac: Safari (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)

Mobile: Safari in Apple iOS 10 or later, Google Chrome in Apple iOS 10 or later, Google Chrome in Android OS 4.4 or later

We have it on good authority that an Amazon Kindle is far from ideal device to use to complete this online training. 

I'm attempting to complete the online training via my phone, but it's not working very well. 

Truth be told, for the most optimal user experience, we recommend taking the course on a desktop or laptop. The courses are extremely multi-media rich with a lot of user interactivities throughout.  If a mobile device is the only option, we recommend the follow steps to ensure proper bookmarking:

  • Do NOT use a data connection. Use a Wi-Fi connection to view this rich, multimedia content.
  • Turn off ALL notifications for email/calls/texts/updates.
  • Do NOT leave the course unattended. If you want to make a call or send an email or text, please EXIT the course FIRST. When ready to continue, return to the home page (for your account) and click on returning student to log in again.
  • DO NOT use the refresh button when in the course. If the course stalls, due to a phone notification, poor internet, just close your browser window and go back to the home page and log in again as a returning student.

If you're set on completing the training on your Apple phone or iPad, please know that you will frequently have to change the view of your phone from landscape to portrait and vice versa to engage all functionalities.

I finished the class but didn't print the Certificate of Completion. Where can I get one?

Use the link provided in the registration email and login to your account. Once there click the 'certificate' button. This will allow you to download and save or print a copy of your Certificate of Completion.

I am looking for someplace to complete the remedial driving class. Does WCBA Traffic Safety Program offer it? 

While the WCBA Traffic Safety Program hopes to offer remedial driver training classes in the future, we don't currently. Contact the IL Secretary of State to learn where you can complete this class.